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Land reparceling in 40 villages project

The National Agency for Rural Development (ACSA) is the executive implementation unit of the land re-parceling/consolidation in 40 villages project, that became a distinct component of RISP II in 2007. Due to its innovative character for Moldova as well as the complexity of its implementation, the donors and Government of Moldova have decided to commence financing of a pilot land re-parceling project in 6 villages. This project has been successfully implemented by ACSA in partnership with NIRAS AB, Terra Institute and Orbicon. The project results have been appreciated by both the donors and government. That is why it was decided to replicate similar experience and extend the project to other 40 rural communities from Moldova.

The land re-parceling project in 40 villages is being implemented by ACSA through May 2009 – June 2010 and financed by World Bank and SIDA. The project beneficiary is the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry.\map_LR.jpg

The project goal is to facilitate the development of farms by reducing the fragmentation and expanding the area of agricultural lands. In this respect, the project provides assistance to land owners and farmers to undertake voluntarily land transactions based on market economy principles.

\\In most Moldovan rural communities, the level of agricultural land fragmentation is as high as it impedes normal development of land market and sustainable growth of farmers. Thus, the project is to revive the land market in Moldova on one side, and facilitate the increase of productivity and competitiveness of agricultural sector.


Within land re-parceling component, ACSA operates with 5 regional advisory centres, established under the first component of RISP II, and 40 land planners located at beneficiary rural community level. The land planners work closely with cadastral engineers and mayors from the beneficiary communities. This is the contribution of local public authorities toward successful implementation of the project

Home   /  ACSA   /  Rural Advisory Services   /  Land Re-parcelling in 40 villages
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