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Field day held at "Prodamiagro" LLC from Grinauti village, Riscani rayon

12.06.2013   2713 

On May 24, 2013 the seminar entitled "Implementation of drip irrigation, mulching and grassing as measures to mitigate drought in orchards" was held. The theoretical part of the seminar took place in the meeting room of Grinauti mayoralty, during which experts have offered presentations regarding the techniques to mitigate drought in orchards. Subsequently, those 27 participants to the seminar visited the demonstrative plot implemented within "Prodamiagro" LLC - beneficiary of C.2 sub-component, in order to be demonstrated the positive impact of implementing climate risks mitigation techniques and measures. Particularly, the participants to the field day have been familiarized with the use of irrigation drip irrigation systems and equipment in orchards. Moreover, the participants to field days have been offered explanations about drought control through mulching in orchards and about agricultural machinery used to maintain the plantation. 

Field day within "Prodamiagro" LLC. The beneficiary explains practical details

We shall specify that the activities of demonstrative plots' establishment and promotion of techniques and measures to mitigate climate risks within C.2 sub-component of DCRMP are funded by World Bank based on Financing Agreement signed on August 12, 2010 between Republic of Moldova Government and International Development Association and comprises four components: (a) strengthen severe weather forecasting; (b) improve disaster preparedness and emergency response; (c) initiate activities for adaptation to climate risks in agriculture and (d) support project management. The implementation of C component of this project is ensured by National Agency for Rural Development (ACSA) and Service Providers of Rural Extension Service from Republic of Moldova.

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