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Growers worldwide
1 http://www.vog.it/en The Association of South Tyrolean Fruit Growers’ Cooperatives (VOG) now joins 26 fruit growers’ cooperatives: it is now the largest marketing organisation for apples in Europe. Read all about their products and sales, quality and brands, including a comprehensive list of apple varieties (with pictures), packaging, production area, and actual harvest.  (Information in Italian)
2 http://www.cardell.fr
Leader in apples, Cardell (large Frech producer and exporter of F&V) also proposes melons, cherries, pears. Read all about the product range, commercialization potential (volumes), periods of harvest and sale; brands and certifications.
3 http://www.martinifrutta.
Martini Andrea's Farm - large Italian producer and exporter of plums, peaches, nectarines and Fuji apples. Read about the farm, its mark, products (by variety) and calendar, as well as distribution worldwide and nationwide. (Information in Italian)
4 http://www.calsa.be/
CALSA is an international supplier of fresh fruits, vegetables and potatoes.  In English.  Excellent site for vegetables in Europe.  Read about company's products, including quality characteristics, supply period, grading and packaging, as well as quality policy (integrated cultivation, Flandria quality label, traceability).
5 http://www.enzafruit.be/
Enzafruit (New Zealand) offers and sells an extensive and unique range of apple and pear varieties that is traded successfully in most European countries. Read all about apple and pear varieties (appearance, taste, avaialbility by week), as well as company's quality standards. Information in English.
6 http://www.worldwidefruit.
Worldwide Fruit - an international fruit marketing and distribution company supplying to UK retailers. Read all about company's products, calendar of availability (by variety and country of origin).
7 http://www.demargro.be/
DEMARGRO BVBA one of the largest exporters of fresh fruit and vegetables in Belgium. It exports to all countries of Europe, and particularly to France (85% of total). Read about company's products, varieties, availability, grading and packaging options. An interesting site, including good information on vegetables, available in Dutch, French, German and English Languages.
8 http://www.sud-contact.fr/
SUD CONTACT company is involved in marketing of fresh fruits and vegetables (France), specialising in stone and soft fruits (strawberries, peaches, nectarines, apricots). The company works in associaion with fruit and vegetable growers, and producer organisations. Read about company's products (available varieties, quantities, season start and packaging), quality requirements and see the offers of the week (info on the produce variety, size and packaging).
9 http://www.stemilt.com/
Video (6 minutes) - apple harvesting, handling and packaging process (including variety information) at Stemilt (USA producer and leading shipper).
10 http://www.apofruit.it APOFRUIT Group - large Italian cooperative (4000 associated growers) specializing in a wide range of fruits and vegetables. Read about their products (conventional and organic), varieties and availability; as well as certifications received (EUREPGAP, BRC, ISO 14001, IGP)
11 http://www.agropel.com.
Agropel - Brasilian company dealing with production, conservation, classification and trade of fine fruits (apples, pears, stone fruits, grapes). Read all about products, varieties, availability periods, and packing of fruits.
12 http://www.tameks.com TAMEKS LTD is a large Turkish grower and exporter of fruits and vegetables with in house packing facilities, which serves the big national and international multiple food retailers, independent retailers and the catering industry. Read all about products, varieties, availability & season, packing and distribution.


"The Bocchi Group is one of the world's leading producers, processors, distributors and marketers of fresh fruit, vegetables, plants and flowers. Read about their product list, production areas, brands, environmental standards, logistics and distribution, quality control and packaging."
15 http://www.agricoper.it/
Agricoper - Italian producer and exporter of table grapes and cherries. Read about their production process, product calendar (by variety), traceability and packaging.
16 http://www.naumes.com/
Naumes - U.S.-based family farm that has been growing, packing and shipping own fruit (apples and pears) for nearly 100 years. Today Naumes is the largest grower of pears in the world. Read about their products (including variety information), sales and technologies.
17 http://www.belexport.com/ BEL'EXPORT is a Belgium fruit & vegetable producer and exporter. Its main products are apples, pears, cherries, strawberries and tomatoes. Read all about produce varieties, commercialization calendar, major brands and certifications acquired.
18 http://www.bvl-angers.com/hten/Page3.html BVL - large French apple producer. Read about company's apple calendar (by variety), storage capacity, pre-calibrating and packaging capacity, sales destinations, certifications and innovative apple varieties (descriptions and figures).
19 http://www.simonianfruit.
Simonian Fruit Company - producer and marketer of stone fruits and grapes. Read about available produce varieties and start date, packaging and pallet information.
21 http://www.herwi.com/
Herwi - large Belgian exporter of fruits and vegetables (exports go to EU, Russia, Baltic States, USA, Far East ad Australia). Read all about their product supply, quality criteria packaging and storage hints.
22 http://www.groda.nl/
GRODA - Dutch company specialized in import and export of fruits and vegetables, mainly apples, pears and berries. Read all about available varieties, periods of produce availability, cooling, storing, packing and transportation facilities.
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