Agricultural Land Re-parceling Technical Committee
26.01.2010 4234

On 25th of January 2010, it was organized and carried out the annual meeting of Technical Committee which supervises the “Agricultural Land Re-parceling in 40 villages” project. The Committee consists of representatives of Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry, Ministry of Justice, Land Relations and Cadastral Agency, World Bank and SIDA. Within this meeting, the members have discussed about the activities realized in 2009 as well as the challenges faced by the local land planners. They have concluded about the need for extending the project over the period of 2011-2012. Finally, the activity and financial report for 2009 and activity plan for 2010 have been approved unanimously by all members. It is to be mentioned that the Agricultural Land Re-parceling Project in 40 Villages is being implemented by ACSA through May 2009 – June 2010 and financed by World Bank and SIDA.

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