The information and training program concerning agricultural subsidy programme in 2010
12.03.2010 5123

The National Agency for Rural Development (ACSA) has the pleasure to announce about the start up of the information and training program concerning agricultural subsidies to be provided in 2010. The main goal of this program is to familiarize and inform agricultural producers about the types of support and facilities available in 2010 and provided through the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry and Agency for Intervention and Payment in Agriculture. Within this program, the subsidy applicants will benefit from technical assistance to fill in the subsidy applications and elaborate the business plans.

The program will be carried out throughout entire country. ACSA and the rural advisory network will carry out the program activities in all rayons of Moldova as well as 350 rural communities where local advisors work in. In the other localities, the program will be delivered by existent farmers’ organizations like: Union of Agricultural Producers Associations (UAPA), Federation Agroinform and National Federation of Farmers from Moldova.

Under this program, ACSA and the rural advisory network will realize the following activities:

  1. Elaboration of the training/information module, business plan template and other supporting materials;
  2. Organization and provision of the national information/training seminar;
  3. Organization and provision of the rayon information/training seminars;
  4. Organization and provision of the awareness campaign for potential subsidy beneficiaries in rural communities;
  5. Support to business plan elaboration and preparation of subsidy application and other supporting documents.

ACSA and the rural advisory service will provide technical and methodological assistance to subsidy applicants to develop business plans in the following areas/subsidy measures: plant production (measures 3, 4, and 6) and animal production (measures 7 and 8). In case of the other subsidy measures, such as the 1, 2, 5, 9, and 10, ACSA and the rural advisory network will direct subsidy applicants to Developing Agencies established under RISP project (ACSA, MEGA, CCA, CDR) and/or private consulting companies, input suppliers as to get the technical support in business plan elaboration.

More details about this program can be accessed either at ACSA central office, or/and at regional and local advisory offices.

Relevant documents for download:

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