ACSA is the executive unit that implements 3 components of the Rural Investments and Services Project, RISP I (2001-2006) and RISP II (2006-2012), financed by the Government of Moldova and World Bank:

  • Rural Extension Services;
  • Land Re-parceling in 40 villages;
  • Drought Adaptation Advisory Services.

Within the first component, Rural Extension Services, ACSA manages a network of 35 service providers/regional advisory centres and 350 local advisory centres employing about 425 consultants, out of which 75 regional (rayon based) and 350 local (community based) consultants. The local advisory offices are located within the premises of primarias (mayor offices) which represents the local public authorities’ contribution to the development of extension service in the Republic of Moldova.

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Under the second component, Land Re-parceling in 40 villages, ACSA operates with 4 of its regional advisory centres created within the first component, and 40 consultants in the field of land planning located at level of rural community that benefit from the project.

In case of Drought Adaptation Advisory Services component, ACSA operates with the entire network of rural advisors established and developed within the project RISP I and II.

Additionally, ACSA subcontracts more than 200 experts on short-term and part-time basis from various state specialized institutions of central and regional public administrations, research and education institutions, private companies, etc. for the purpose of execution of various specific tasks within all projects implemented by ACSA in rural area.

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